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Bilingual English Spanish Immersion Care

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."

By: Stacia Tauscher


V.I.P. Child Care Believes...

Children learn and develop best in a secure, loving environment. Because we are concerned with the whole child, we aim to balance their development in all areas: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to helping children grow at their natural pace by building their self confidence, strengths, and skills.

Your child will get to experience the unique, fun and interesting educational advantage of a Spanish immersion child care center. By learning another language, your child will enhance their academic skills along with their ability to learn and truly grasp challenging concepts. Many studies show that language immersion students do better than non-immersion students in a wide range of subjects showing that early bilingual language immersion benefits a child in many areas of learning not simply in language skills. Our child development center may be focused on pre-school aged children AGES 1 AND UP along with the AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM, but the skills they begin to develop in our child care will benefit them years into the future. For our after school care your children will receive Bilingual English and Spanish Care and Homework Assistance along with a wide variety of activities to include Spanish Language Lessons and Chess Lessons!

Make an appointment to tour our child care facility today so that you can experience what so many other Tampa families have for the last 30+ years...(See Staff page for more reviews)

Destiny W. - I absolutely love my daughters teachers and the director has the biggest heart I've ever seen! She's absolutely come out of her shell since we enrolled her and it makes me feel so much more secure in my decision to put her into a daycare while I get back to work. Thank you for all the love you show the children. We really love the crafts and the Brightwheel portal! So amazing!

Amina A. - Love VIP childcare. My daughter was a COVID baby. She started VIP at 1 and wasn’t talking at all, by 18 months she was talking and signing songs. By 2 she knew all her alphabets, colors and numbers. I work with her a lot at home but I know a lot of her progress is because of the daycare. Because she was a COVID baby, I was so attached to her being with me and struggled finding somewhere in trusted. After seeing the owner on site all the time, how quickly they respond and work with with the parents; also how comfortable she was going into daycare, I felt comforted. This is a great day care!

Jennifer B. - Love this place. I tell everyone about it. Great price for everything you get in a great location too. The teachers and director are very loving, kind and most importantly humble people. Rare to find now a days. I highly recommend this place.

Sebastian H. - "Good place for kids"

Ying-Chu L. - This place is AWESOME !! My son loves to go there and he is always so happy and learning a lot from them. Mr J is such a wonderful and very knowledgeable person on child care and teaching ! My son always runs to him and hugs him whenever he sees Mr J. Also, all his staff are just AMAZING as well ! I feel so comfortable and worried free when I drop my son off everyday! All the staff keep good communications and updates with parents which is great ! I would definitely recommend this place for other parents ! Nothing is more important to see my son having that big smile when he goes to there!

Rahul R. - Juan and his staff are very caring and attentive. Also, the facility is very clean. This is a home away from home! Thank You!!

Karinita A. - I love this place, my 5-year-old daughter has been coming since she was 18 months old and my 3-year-old son has been coming since he was 4 months old. It is a safe place where children are truly loved!!!!

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